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Welcome to the Commercial Roof Network.

CRN is a network of like-minded people who are focused on one thing, which is solving our Members roofing issues. We are not roofers or selling roofs here, we are a concierge for commercial property roofing and consult on mitigating commercial loss and maximizing ROI. We do this through a network of specialized licensed roofers and inspectors, additionally the manufactures of hurricane-resistant building materials. Volume and relationships get us the best prices, top quality, the elite craftsmanship, and the best warranties you are looking for.


Our customer service team won't let you get left out in the storm. Do you have a trusted resource to call when a hurricane hits or your tenants are calling about a leaky roof? You do Now! 


+Timely leak repair

+Dry out service

+Shrink wrapping


+Customer Service is OUR Service

+Access to Engineering Specialist
+Access to Roofing Inspectors
+Access to Project Management Experts

+Access to Materials and 100's of Crews

The experts in our Network are yours to access. We provide consultation to association managers, commercial property owners, and HOA boards. Just sign up for a call us when you need us.

Property Managers 

The CRN Benefits

Project Management & Production 

CRN and its affiliates are nationwide. Specialists in project management, production, logistics, and manufacturing. When you choose CRN we customize your project to suit your needs. 

CRN Consultation 

We look forward to working with you and your clients, feel free to reach out to our staff to schedule a phone interview or schedule an appointment to meet with our team at our executive office in Naples, FL.


Vincent Grant

Commercial Roof Network President - Spokesman

I know the stress after a storm is overwhelming and incredibly confusing. Let CRN help you hire the right professionals and oversee them for you. We are a non-biased network of resources, we have streamlined the entire process for commercial roof issues centered around customer service. 

Our goal is to make sure you get the best professionals behind your roofing project. The affiliates of the Commercial Roof Network are the top professionals in their field. We are their eyes and ears that keep you informed every step of the way. 

Please reach out to our team, CRN has a passion to help it's members be heroes to their clients. We'll handle your roof issue without spending time and money in the wrong places or at all if not needed. 

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Project Management & Production

CRN and its affiliates are nationwide specialists in project management, production, logistics, and manufacturing. When you choose CRN we customize your project to suit your needs.​​​​​​​

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We are Not Attorneys and do not offer any legal advice. If you don't have experienced knowledgable counsel we can point you in the right direction. You may use any attorney you wish to use.

Legal Council

CRN is not a PA and does not offer any advice on insurance policies. A good public adjuster does, and is one who will make sure that your association knows the full extent of your property damage issues. Do you know the best PA for your project? Don't leave it up to chance. 

Public Adjusters

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CRN project management experts understand the issues of today's labor needs and lack of quality materials. Our experts will advise our clients on what is required to best suit their situation. CRN is a concierge and the key to making your project a success!

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Project Managers

CAM Testimonial

Continuing Education

CRN is always looking for ways to support our Network and give back where we can.

Continuing Education courses for Owners, COA Boards, CAM's and Property Managers is one way we do this. Click on the event button to see when the next course will be available near you.